Notable DST Changes

To DST or Not to DST?

Abolishing daylight saving time has a been popular trend internationally with: Azerbaijan, Brazil, Egypt, Northern Cyprus, Namibia, Russia, Turkey, Uruguay and Yukon all having recently stopped annual clock changes indefinitely. The European Parliament has voted to abolish seasonal clock changes for all EU states, the abolition was supposed to kick-in in 2021 but the plan appears to have been shelved in the wake of more pressing concerns, not least managing the COVID crisis and vaccinating the populations.

DST is also the subject of much debate in the USA. More than 35 states have introduced bills which could see them individually switch to a single year-round timezone, either equivalent to their current standard time or their current DST. Hawaii and most of Arizona already have no DST but, as regards the remaining forty eight states, the debate rolls on and so far there seems to be little consensus. As with Europe and the rest of the world, dealing with the COVID situation has taken precedence over such comparative trivialities.

Despite the flurry of activity in proposing to abolish DST there are still many countries which switch the clocks every year with no plans to stop. Staunchly keeping the DST tradition alive are: Chile, The Cayman Islands, Norfolk Island (Australia), Turks & Caicos Islands; they have all either introduced or reintroduced DST in recent years. The United Kingdom, having left the European Union, has indicated that it will continue switching between UTC and BST as usual, and has no plan to follow the EU in dispensing with DST, if and when that finally happens.

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